Golf Course Irrigation Services

Prime Irrigation have designed and installed irrigation systems for golf clubs and sports pitches throughout the UK since 1976, recently completing the installation of new irrigation systems at Royal Worlington & Newmarket Golf Club, Lambourne Golf Club and Seaford Golf Club. Uniting Prime Irrigation with Trenching Services has expanded our capacity and brings a highly experienced design and installation team on board.

Our team have designed and installed systems for a wide variety of golf clubs, both in the UK and Europe. We install reliable irrigation systems designed to last. Our team will design and build a system specifically for you, whilst minimising disturbance of any playing surface. Our team are flexible and can create optimal solutions based on your current water storage and pumping capacity. We are also happy to work together with your consultants ondesign and installation projects. 

Our engineers can also help keep your irrigation system in peak condition throughout the season, supporting with repair and maintenance, as well seasonal commissioning and decommissioning. Whether you’re looking for mole ploughing services or a maintenance contract to keep your course in tip-top condition, Prime Irrigation are happy to help.

Sports Turf Irrigation Services

Prime Irrigation’s highly experienced team draw on decades of experience to ensure your pitch thrives. No matter how big or small the challenge, Prime Irrigation can help, from designing and installing a new irrigation system to fixing a leaking sprinkler. Prime irrigation offer competitive rates, ensuring value for money, and an abundance of experience installing irrigation systems since 1975 throughout the UK and Europe. We offer high-quality design and products, incorporating the latest developments in irrigation technology, supported by a professional and knowledgeable team of irrigation engineers on the ground. 

Prime Irrigation work closely with a variety of sports teams to ensure that their pitches are in prime condition throughout the year. Our specialist machinery allows us to minimise interruption to playing time whilst we endeavour to ensure uniformity of growing and playing conditions. Our customer base includes a number of football teams throughout the league, as well as rugby clubs, equestrian centres, racecourses, bowls clubs and tennis courts.

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Our Services

Design & Installation

From concept to commissioning, Prime Irrigation offers high quality, efficient systems, providing longevity and minimising running costs to produce maximum customer satisfaction. Our team will design and build a system tailored to your requirements, whilst taking into consideration your current use of the land and minimising disturbance. Our team are flexible and can create the best solution based on your current water storage and pumping capacity. We are also happy to work together with your consultants on design and installation projects. 

If you’re considering updating your system, we also offer to survey and appraise your current system and produce recommendations for improving performance and efficiency to make better use of available water and reduce labour input. 

Our specialist mole ploughing machines can install pipe with minimal disruption. From our Vermeer RTX 1250 to the smaller Vermeer PTX 40, we are able to select the most appropriate machine, minimising the impact of our pipe laying. 

Repairs & Maintenance

Keep your irrigation system in tip-top condition ensuring that any repairs and updates to your system are dealt with efficiently and effectively. If you have a problem we can help with, please call our office to schedule a visit. 

Our Products

Supply of Irrigators

Prime Irrigation stock Irtec FBT irrigators. 

Parts & Equipment

We stock a wide variety of irrigation products at our stores and we’re also able to order direct from our suppliers for you. Parts can be delivered or collected from our stores in Darsham. We stock the following products:

  • MDPE HPPE Pipes
  • PVC socketed pipes
  • Underground mains fittings
  • Overground aluminium pipe
  • Galvanised and poly threaded fittings
  • Electrical controls
  • Aerators and fountains
  • Floating pumps
  • Irtec FBT 40/130 irrigators for sports turf/horticulture
  • Hose, clips and fittings
  • Tanks – galvanised sectional and plastic
  • Valves
  • Pressure gauges, transducers, switches and fittings
  • Weld-on, screwed, poly compression and electrofusion fittings
  • PVC fittings
  • Pumps, pump booster sets – designed to your specification
  • Alloy pipe, valve elbows, tees and associated fittings
  • Sprinklers – travelling, impact and accessories 
  • Floating pumps
  • Drip and micro irrigation
  • Water meters – analogue and digital mag meters