Agriculture Irrigation Services

Since 1958, Prime Irrigation has been carrying out irrigation projects in Suffolk and Norfolk. Working with farms and landowners across the region, Prime Irrigation provide high quality, efficient systems, offering longevity, minimal running costs and maximum customer satisfaction. 

We specialise in the installation of underground mains, the manufacture and installation of floating pumps and the design and installation of pumping stations. From concept to commissioning, Prime Irrigation offer the highest quality, efficient systems. 

Our team can also support you throughout the year with maintenance and repair work to keep your irrigation system in tip-top condition, as well as season startup and decommission of your system.

Reservoirs & floating pumps 

Building a reservoir to increase your water supply can be an intimidating project to undertake. Prime Irrigation’s team can provide all aspects of design, construction and maintenance of reservoir related pumping equipment. Through our wider network of consultants, we can support you through the complete irrigation system construction process.​ 

In our specialist fabrication workshop, we’re able to design, fabricate and assemble floating pumps designed specifically for your application. Our floating pump design has been refined over the last 50 years, incorporating features such as large surface area primary screening, secondary screening, pump height adjustment, galvanised steelwork and long-life galvanised mesh screening material.


Borehole drilling and pumping can provide you with an uninterrupted supply of water to your property and/or land. Prime Irrigation offer a full service from bore hole drilling to the installation of bore pumping equipment for both domestic and commercial use.

We can also supply all the necessary equipment to carry out your own installation, including specified pumps. 

Pump or water testing/sampling can be carried out to allow our designers to account for the water volume and pumping capacity you want to achieve on an hourly basis.

Pumping stations

Prime Irrigation specialises in the design, fabrication and construction of complete pumping stations. Whether your intended use is water abstraction, transfer or boosting, Prime Irrigation’s highly experienced design team can devise a system for your specific requirements. Our team keep up to date with the latest innovations in irrigation technology to ensure optimal performance of your irrigation system. 

Sizing and controlling of pumps is an important factor when selecting suitable pump(s) for a specific irrigation project. Prime Irrigation offers systems incorporating variable speed control of ALL booster pumps, therefore, maximising efficiency, minimising operating costs as well as ensuring pump and motor longevity. We are also able to recommend and install pump control systems best suited to your irrigation needs. This includes systems designed to communicate remotely with the controller, enabling you to monitor your system anytime, anywhere.

Underground mains

Prime Irrigation will design an irrigation underground mains system to meet your individual requirements or supply all the materials required for your own installation.   ​ 

Installation of mains includes the excavation of trenches ensuring top soil is separated from subsoil. Installation of the pipe is then carried out incorporating bends, tees and valves as required.

Hydrants are fabricated to suit specific site conditions, these are installed before the backfilling process is carried out keeping topsoil at the surface to minimise disturbance of the growing media.​

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Our Services

Design & Installation

From concept to commissioning, Prime Irrigation offer the highest quality, efficient systems, offering longevity, minimal running costs and maximum customer satisfaction. Our team will design and build a system tailored to your requirements, whilst taking into consideration your current use of the land and minimising disturbance. Our team are flexible and can create the best solution based on your current water storage and pumping capacity. We are also happy to work together with your consultants on design and installation projects. 

If you’re considering updating your system, we also offer to survey and appraise your current system and produce recommendations for improving performance and efficiency to make better use of available water and reduce labour input. 

Repairs & Maintenance

Keep your irrigation system in tip-top condition ensuring that any repairs and updates to your system are dealt with efficiently and effectively. If you have a problem we can help with, please call our office to schedule a visit.

Commissioning and Decommissioning

We offer a Spring Commissioning and Autumn Decommissioning of irrigation equipment to make sure that your system is operating at peak performance. 

Our Products

Specialist fabrications

From our workshop in Suffolk, midway between Norwich and Ipswich, we can produce custom parts to ensure that your irrigation system runs smoothly. Our highly skilled fabricators have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained within the irrigation market to draw on.

We’re able to construct:

  • Pump manifolds
  • Pipework
  • Weir boards
  • Pump mounting frames
  • Bore head assemblies
  • Hydrant riser assemblies
  • Bespoke floating pump sets
  • We also have a galvanising service available

Supply of Parts & Equipment

We stock a wide variety of irrigation products at our stores and we’re also able to order direct from our suppliers for you. Parts can be collected from Darsham or delivered direct to you.  

We supply the following products: 

  • MDPE HPPE Pipes
  • PVC socketed pipes
  • Underground mains fittings
  • Overground aluminium pipe
  • Galvanised and poly threaded fittings
  • Electrical controls
  • Aerators and fountains
  • Floating pumps
  • Irtec FBT 40/130 irrigators for sports turf/horticulture
  • Hose, clips and fittings
  • Tanks – galvanised sectional and plastic
  • Valves
  • Pressure gauges, transducers, switches and fittings
  • Weld-on, screwed, poly compression and electrofusion fittings
  • PVC fittings
  • Pumps, pump booster sets – designed to your specification
  • Alloy pipe, valve elbows, tees and associated fittings
  • Sprinklers – travelling, impact and accessories 
  • Floating pumps
  • Drip and micro irrigation
  • Water meters – analogue and digital mag meters